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Lara has been in the travel industry since 1989. She’s matched her experience in the industry with personal travel, which makes for an invaluable hands-on travel expert. As Managing Director, Lara takes pride in her close relationship with both employees and clients and ensures that service levels exceed client expectations.

I joined Lara Travel in 2002, we have the best team ever. I deal with our corporate clients and make sure that the service runs smoothly between our clients and the consultants. I co-ordinate the training of our consultants with our tour operators, insurance companies and car hire in order to keep our consultants updated at all times. I also oversee the training of internships (at Lara Travel we pride ourselves in skills development). I started in travel in 1985 and always knew it was what I wanted to do. I love to travel and have been fortunate enough to travel to some beautiful destinations such as Kiev in the Ukraine and the very beautiful island of Macao.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”. Walt Disney said, ‘because travel is a dream and only you can take the first steps to make your travel dreams a reality.’ Being in travel is a glamourous job, you get to experience new destinations and best of all sell your experiences to clients to create an image of their dream holiday – after all travel is not a physical product, it is all about the unforgettable memories created at a destination. I studied Travel and Tourism Management at the University of Johannesburg for 4 years and have been in the travel industry since 2014. I specialise in corporate and leisure travel and wouldn’t change what I do. I love my job and Lara Travel and would absolutely love to make your dreams come true!!”

“I joined the Lara Travel family in August 2018, I have been a Corporate and Leisure consultant since 2008 and I love doing both as it keeps me motivated and I strive to learn new things daily. I have been blessed and lucky to travel to Thailand, Mauritius, India and Turkey. Being a leisure consultant, I understand the client’s needs and always ensure I keep core things in mind example honeymooners, birthdays and anniversaries or just a holiday these things make journeys and memories happen. Corporate is my passion; business travellers need full attention to detail and quick service which I strive for. Travel is my life and I get attached very easily as travel means a lot to me as a person and memories last a lifetime.”

With 35 years of experience in the travel industry, I have worked with a variety of travel agencies and tour operators. Fifteen of those years were spent at Lara Travel, where I gained valuable insights and expertise in the industry. Now, as an independent agent working with Lara Travel, I am able to provide dedicated and personalized travel services for both corporate and leisure clients. My passion for travel and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction has allowed me to build strong relationships with clients over the years. I am confident in my ability to help travellers plan their next adventure and take the stress out of travel planning and help make their next trip a memorable one.

“To new places, new faces, new smells and forever memories. Each adventure begins with a dream”. It’s my passion in making your dreams become a reality. Over the past 20 years I have had the pleasure to deal with all forms of travel, being corporate or leisure to large groups. I strive to provide insight into each destination, counselling on recommendations and providing guidelines for the most cost-effective options within your budget. I joined the fantastic team at Lara Travel in January 2019, with OUR joint experiences we are a powerhouse of travel advisors with a fountain of knowledge.”

“Very passionate about what I do, I take pride in offering the best service from consulting stages to the processing of all booking aspects to following my clients’ trips until they are safely home.
I will always go above and beyond to try find the best deals available without compromising quality taking into account each individual or family ‘s needs.

I have been in the travel industry since 1999 and although I tried, I really cannot see myself doing anything other than what I love and am passionate about.
Currently offering my services as an ITC, working with Lara travel (who I still see as my family since 2008) is a pleasure having at my disposal, so much knowledge and experience among the team, making it possible to give our clients the best possible solutions to their oftentimes travel challenges”

“Want to be humble? Travel and witness how much of a tiny space you occupy in this huge World of mesmerizing places.

I did my Travel Diploma in 1998 and have been in travel since then. Most of my career was with Rennie’s Travel where I did corporate and Leisure Travel, I then moved on to E Travel where I was an Independent Travel Agent. I have been with Lara Travel since 2021. I Love interacting with the travellers and hearing their excitement of the upcoming trip, and putting all their travel dreams together for them. Best part, is getting the feedback about how much they enjoyed the trip that I had booked. I have had the privilege of travelling to the USA, Morocco, Kenya and Victoria Falls.”

I believe in these two quotes
“Life is short and the World is Wide’”
“Adventures are the Best way to Learn “
I joined this dynamic team in 2022 and have been in the Travel Industry since 1994.
I have travelled extensively and have gained amazing experiences from cities in; Europe, the USA and Africa. Passion, enthusiasm and determination is how I approach planning each and every, best value for money journey, without jeopardizing the experience. My knowledge is passed on to my clients while designing their dream holidays. I live and breathe travel and want to ensure that every traveller’s experience is an unforgettable one.

“I don’t sell travel, I sell dreams.”

Over a decade ago, when I embarked on my journey in the travel industry, the phrase ‘I don’t sell travel, I sell dreams’ seemed cryptic. However, with each passing year, I’ve come to realize that as a travel consultant, I have the privilege of transforming dreams into reality.

There comes a moment when the travel bug bites, and you yearn for those sun-kissed days on a tranquil beach with a cocktail in hand or the majestic snowy peaks outside your cabin window, accompanied by a steaming cup of hot chocolate. You suddenly realize it’s been months since your last getaway, and you deserve a respite from the daily grind.

My true passion lies in assisting clients with every facet of planning their dream holiday – from selecting the perfect travel dates to pinpointing their dream destination. I make it my mission to alleviate the hassles of travel, leaving you with nothing but beautiful, joyful memories, thus making your dreams a reality.

Remember, ‘Travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer’

“I am a loyal and dependable individual who takes pride in being punctual and reliable in all aspects of life. Whether it’s meeting deadlines at work or supporting friends and family, I can always be counted on. I deal with our corporate clients and i thrive under pressure, maintaining a calm and focused demeanour even in challenging situations, and I approach them with determination. Along with my dedication, I’m also known for my friendly and approachable nature, making it easy for me to connect with others and work effectively in a team.”

“I started my career straight out of school in 1988, beginning with leisure travel and then moving over to corporate travel. I found my passion for the Corporate world. I love the challenge of the corporate world – where travel has to take place in a specific time frame, and managing to make it all work for the clients. I have been with Lara Travel for a year now, and enjoy being part of the large Lara Travel Family, where our experience and knowledge is shared among my amazing colleagues.”

“I have been in corporate travel since 2003 and am currently in house, I thrive under pressure and also try ensure best service is given at all times. I am passionate about corporate travel, making sure my clients trip away from home goes smoothly. I have been with Lara Travel since March 2023 and look forward to a long successful career with the company”

“I work as an office assistant, I help with bookings and I always make sure that I keep my clients happy and meet their needs. I am a hard-working individual who isn’t afraid to face a challenge. I’m very passionate about my work and I know how to get the job done. I am very honoured to be part of the amazing Lara travel team.”

“I started working at Lara Travel in 2018 as a Receptionist with aspiration to be a consultant one day as I have a National Diploma in Tourism Management and Galileo, I really enjoy working at this Agency and I have developed excellent communication skills as a receptionist. This, combined with the fact that I am a highly motivated and conscientious worker makes it a pleasure being at Lara Travel, basically Welcome guest by greeting, answering questions about our services, responding to requests and forwarding to the right recipients, manage switchboard and assist consultants where I can basically try to make their lives easy. I also assist with all visa requirements, which challenges me in a positive way. I love the world of Travel and I have learnt and still learning a lot and with me being the person that I am beautiful inside and out, bubbly and full of life makes it easy”

“I joined the back office team of Lara Travel in January 2022, having worked in the travel industry since 2006. Together we manage all back office tasks including identifying, investigating and correcting invoice discrepancies, improving accounting processes, managing accounts payable and tracking all financial transactions to ensure a smooth and seamless operational accounting software system. Due to this we are able to compile and present accurate monthly reports”

“Embracing the role of Account Administrator at Lara Travel fills me with a deep sense of purpose and excitement. Every day, I dive into the intricate world of financial management with unwavering passion and dedication. From meticulously overseeing transactions to fostering strong relationships with clients, I thrive on the opportunity to contribute to Lara Travel’s success story. My commitment to excellence and my love for the travel industry fuel my drive to ensure that every financial aspect of Lara Travel reflects our values of integrity, efficiency, and innovation.”

“As a receptionist at Lara Travel, my role is more than just answering calls – it’s about creating a doorway to unforgettable experiences. I am the first smile that greets our clients, setting the tone for their journey. Every interaction is an opportunity to turn dreams into reality, tailoring services to exceed expectations, Every interaction is an opportunity to sprinkle a bit of passion into their plans and make their experience with Lara Travel truly unforgettable, I have passion and love for the travel industry, I believe there is so much of the world to still be discovered, I am grateful and love being a part of the brilliant Lara Travel team”

“I work at Lara Travel as an office assistant. I have been with this company since 2015 and I have been told that I make the most delicious coffee. I also love taking care of the office because clients enjoy my tea and coffee. I’m the spotless queen. One day I also want to explore the world and travel through Lara Travel”